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Redhead nudes are rare enough - but seeing a natural red-haired beauty posing in such a vast range of locations is what makes Photo Nudes so unique. In fact, Marlene has probably posed naked in more places and daring situations than any other nude model ever! Over the years it took to put this site together she's done nude photo shoots in the rain, in remote deserts, forests, city streets and offices, derelict buildings, a hotel lobby, in a public museum, on a university campus... Not for nothing is she known as The Net's Nudest Redhead.

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Beautiful Marlene doesn't get photographed nude in just any old place - the more unusual the location, the better she looks in the altogether. So, expect to see her sans clothes, nude & naked in places like old and derelict buildings, a nude beauty outside high up on a rocky mountainside or naked in the street - never wearing much more than a smile! Marlene will often stay completely nude for hours for a photo shoot, e.g. leaving all her stuff behind in a rucksack and then walking off into the wilderness for a real naked adventure. Imagine how she feels hiking nude miles from nowhere and being totally exposed, a cool breeze the only thing touching her bare skin. Of course, when she happens to find a pool of water or a stream, there's the extra thrill of nude skinnydipping in nature right there, maybe lying down naked afterwards on a rock or in the squishy mud without any swimming-costume to worry about. Picture her posing for outdoor nudes, standing at the top of a high cliff or on the crest of a huge sand dune, the setting sun bathing her beautiful bare body in a warm glow... Would her clothes still be where she'd left them earlier in the day?

In the open for all to see in public and in the street. Nude photos, stories, videos & all kinds of other stuff... nudes female nude beauty red head model shows off naked photos female nudity photograph of erotic bare body pictures and images of natural beauty redhead naked model woman whose body sexy amateur video scenes. She poses outdoors, downtown and in industrial settings, in a power station and powerplant abandoned derelict urban city buildings naked in public. Urban nude in the city, flashing in the city, nude in the boardroom, naked downtown nude in the street, nude on the street, stripping in public settings situations, amateurs stories. Nude on the floor of an office corridor & up the stairs. Nude and vulnerable, exposed and unprotected, dirty and dusty, muddy, oily in a power station. In the old deserted tunnel wearing gloves - totally nude wearing boots for sexy nude photos naked and sweaty, dirty feet and oily skin in derelict rooms for nude photography erotic naked model poses. Old machines & machinery and rusted factory steel structures with staircases, pipes and iron bars, girders in the halls - our redhead explores in the nude. A naked redhead goes downtown! She's nude in public streaking, flashing in the nude flasher & exhibitionist, public exhibitionism, going without clothes nude on the street in the city - shameless, embarrassed and shy in front of strangers, onlookers, people and police. Nude Redhead Model, a natural nude redhead poses naked at the office - indoors outdoors in nature in 3D and even in public! nude in public Nude in Public Places www.photonudes.com Redhead model Marlene gets Naked in the City - wearing only a pair of heels or nothing at all! Nudes in 3D and she's nude in public!

Then there's the city, a totally different and often threatening environment in which to pose nude. There's that huge, deserted old power station - the kind of place a sexy woman wouldn't want to enter on her own, let alone be expected to explore its grimy halls and dark rooms in the nude, getting all dirty while naked! On a lighter note, suburban pools and gardens are ideal places to get rid of excess clothes and enjoy some nude sunbathing and other fun in the buff. Elsewhere, walking naked down a dimly-lit corridor lined with offices on either side can be pretty intimidating, particularly when there's people working late and a security guard patrolling the premises to keep the public out! What does a nude model wearing nothing at all get up to in a men's room, the last place you'd expect to find a naked woman in her birthday suit... Or how about finding her naked downtown in a floodlit city street at night and in drenching rain - stark naked and wet, of course! And you don't just have to imagine all this, you can actually experience it because Marlene's been there & done that - and has had plenty of pictures taken of her along the way. A video camera has also followed her on occasion, so get ready to see this erotic redhead actually posing nude in front of you in exclusive nude video clips - naked, of course. And she's still doing new nudes: lately her rounded shapes have lent themselves to some 3D nudes and she's getting ever more daring at posing nude in public places in broad daylight. The female nude, after all, is supposed to be fun! In case you were wondering, Marlene's not into hardcore porn stuff. But if you want to see some more erotic or blatantly explicit pics of her, you'll find them here as well - see all of sexy Marlene.

Marlene is a redhead nude model - not a full-time professional, but rather an amateur who strips off her clothes for fun. She's been getting naked in front of the camera for several years now and there are thousands of photos of her here without a stitch on. She's a natural redhead beauty: her hair is actually a mixture of three different shades ranging from dark red to brownish blonde - guess you could call her a "strawberry blonde" nude redhead. Marlene has a beautiful face with full lips, green eyes and freckles. Her naked figure is a treat and well-suited for nude photos - her body is not skinny or too fat, but voluptuously proportioned, 1950s-style. Likewise, her skin is untanned, almost milky white. Her breasts are not very big, but they are perky and firm with pink nipples. She also has a very cute butt - plump and fleshy! Then there's her full bush of red pubic hair - a real attention-grabber when she's not wearing anything and giving the camera a full-frontal nude view. Another feature are her pretty feet - it's great to look at her naked and barefoot. For most of her nude photos she takes off all her clothes - however, sometimes she might pose wearing only a pair of shoes or a little anklet. When she poses nude in high heels it really shows off her shapely legs and naked curves. See her thousands of nude pictures as well as video clips & read exclusive behind-the-scenes stories! nude Photo Nudes - Female Nudes, Photo Nudes. A beautiful & natural naked redhead poses in lots of different places - outside, on location outdoors in nature for naturist nude photos, nudist videos and other tasteful nudity.