Short story by photographer Ralph Nolte

Nude Striptease in BoardroomWe peered into the boardroom. A city skyline of high-rise buildings was visible through the panorama window. Chairs stood neatly arranged around a long oak table. I'd actually attended several meetings here - that was the CEO's chair, my boss sat over on this side. I knew I'd probably get fired if any of them were to find out about this: an unauthorized nude photo shoot under their very noses.

Marlene wore a sleeveless dress reaching to just above her knees, some high-heeled shoes and a pair of glasses - smartly dressed for "work". But today nobody was working, it was a holiday weekend. We'd planned this carefully: the keys, the security guard in the foyer, the lift and the "getaway car" in the parking garage had all been factored in. I would use my still camera as well as a camcorder for video footage. We were about to create some unique nude images and I wanted to capture all the naked action. And this wasn't a fake studio environment either, but the actual setting. A real corporate office.

Now I watched Marlene as she walked around the table, the slit in her dress giving me brief glimpses of her bare thighs. Soon, I knew, she would be crawling and sliding over that same table totally naked. Just wearing those glasses, of course. What would the board members say if they were to see her like that? A beautiful nude woman stepping past them and over their notepads on tippy toes, her bare butt inches from their faces. But I would be the only spectator - we didn't expect someone to arrive for some overtime or an unscheduled meeting. It turned out that we were wrong - and that this was to be one of our riskiest shoots yet for ...

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