How to view 3D Nudes:

Our 3D Nudes are presented in two formats which require different viewing techniques:

( NOTE: Photo Nudes does not assume responsibility for any complications that might result from following these instructions - if you experience eye fatigue, discomfort or other symptoms, take a break or discontinue viewing the 3D images! )

Stereo Pair Nude  |  Anaglyph Nude

Stereo Pairs:

Our Stereo Pairs each consist of two photos which have to be viewed using the so-called cross-eyed technique - you don't need special glasses. If you can look at the tip of your nose, you can view these - if not, you might need some practice!

1) Remove all unnecessary windows and toolbars from your screen so that you can see the complete image. Sit at a comfortable distance from your monitor - the closer you are to the image, the more you will have to cross your eyes! Looking normally, this is what you'll see:


2) Now cross your eyes. If this is difficult, look at the tip of your index finger as you bring it towards your nose - then, without uncrossing your eyes, look up at the screen in front of you. You should see the same blurred image repeated four times:


3) Concentrate on the middle two blurry images - they should begin to overlap and merge as you uncross your eyes slightly. Ignore the two outermost images:


4) Finally, the two images in the middle should "lock" into a single sharply-focussed and 3D image! Try it with the above Stereo Pair - the knees should protrude towards you, while the upper torso will recede somewhat. Keep your head level - if you tilt it sideways, the effect will be destroyed:


Once you get the hang of it, it should feel effortless and literally take a second to do! The better you get, the easier it is to look at bigger images - you should be able to let your eyes rove all over a picture without losing the 3D-effect.

The main advantages of Stereo Pairs are that they can contain fully-realistic colour and don't need special equipment to view. However, there is a practical limit to the size of the pictures that one can look at in this way and for this reason our Stereo Pairs are kept relatively small.


If you find it difficult or impossible to achieve the 3D-effect when viewing Stereo Pairs, our Anaglyphs may be the better option. They do require a set of special glasses, but the 3D-effect is virtually guaranteed and the viewable images can also be much bigger than Stereo Pairs. However, because Anaglyphs rely on filtering out certain colours for their effect, they cannot reproduce hues as accurately as Stereo Pairs.

The glasses you'll need are often seen stuck on the cover of magazines as a free give-away. If you don't have a pair already, don't despair - you might find them at a local novelty or toy shop. The Internet itself is another option - visit a site such as Stereoscopy.com or simply type "3D Glasses" into your favourite search engine to find some of the many sites that sell the glasses on-line. The easiest option, however, might be to make your own pair!

You'll need a frame of some sort - either from a normal pair of glasses or home-made (e.g. a template cut from cardboard and folded into shape). The most important item is the coloured, transparent material you'll be looking through - red for the left eye, blue-green for the right. For the exact colours as they should appear when held against a white light-source, look at this illustration:


The actual material can be cellophane wrap, transparent acetate, coloured "gels" (used on stage lighting), photographic filters, etc. Whatever you use, make sure that it's relatively durable and won't scratch or crinkle too easily. Cut out a piece from each of the two colours and stick onto your frame or glue it between two copies of your cardboard template - remember, red goes over the left eye. Good Luck!

Once you have your glasses, viewing Anaglyphs is easy. Allow some time for your eyes to adjust when viewing - the longer you keep the glasses on, the better the effect becomes. You may also need to turn up the brightness of your monitor to avoid images looking too dark. Finally, you may notice faint "ghosting" or double images in some Anaglyphs - this is a normal side-effect but may be more pronounced if the colours of your glasses or the colour settings of your monitor are not quite correct.

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