Short story by photographer Ralph Nolte

Nude in Hotel LiftNeatly wrapped in a towel, Marlene walked out the door and down the passage. She could probably have taken the lift downstairs without causing much fuss - whoever saw her like that would assume she was on her way to the pool outside. Except that it had already turned a bit too cold for someone to go swimming at this time of the year...

Actually, Marlene wasn't to keep her towel on for very long - and underneath it she wasn't wearing anything else. Her clothes had been left lying on her bed, way down at the other end of the hallway... The only item she'd keep with her was the room key, her passport back to "safety". Earlier I'd spoken to the receptionist downstairs and she'd mentioned that there were less than two dozen guests staying in the hotel, the two of us included. The cleaning staff had done the rooms earlier in the morning, so I didn't expect them to be around now. We practically had the floor to ourselves.

But Marlene wasn't so easily convinced. After all, she was the one who would be stark naked if someone suddenly turned the corner and spotted us. It was early afternoon, with sunlight streaming in through the windows - and there were no obvious hiding-places. Marlene wouldn't have much choice but to sprint like hell if anyone did make an appearance. Now we were checking things out one last time before our daring shoot could begin. Marlene was going to walk quite a distance in the nude: up and down some stairs near the service elevator, maybe pausing at the main lift and then heading past the string of rooms in that passage. She took a nervous breath and handed me the towel. My camera was rolling.

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